“Imagine meeting someone who wants to learn your past not to punish you but to understand how you need to be loved”.

– Unknown

As I re-enter the world of dating I have been self-coaching on how I feel about this process. I find myself pondering the thought of how we show up to a date with the intention to actually get to know the other person and determine if there is a connection. I’ve also been thinking about why we do this.

The goal of dating is usually to find a partner, someone who you can grow to become intimate with. True intimacy happens when both people feel safe enough to be vulnerable. There is support for each other’s weaknesses and celebration of each other’s strengths.

The couple has agreed on a definition of fidelity and both feel secure that the other will not violate that understanding. This then led me to think about what it would be like if we learned to find true intimacy with ourselves. Are you intimate with yourself? Are you safe with you? How well do you know you?

Queen, we don’t know ourselves enough to understand how we need to love ourselves. No, we understand ourselves, to punish ourselves. It is time to change this dynamic.

This is the work that I specialize in. If you need help improving that core relationship with yourself, I invite you to book a breakthrough call with me to learn how to increase your intimacy with yourself. 

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