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Join me in welcoming our guest, Kirsten Roldan. She’s a client of mine and a business coach with two incredible programs: “Million Dollar Email” and “Million Dollar CEO.” These programs are designed to help coaches and service providers master email marketing, team systems, and mindset strategies for scaling their businesses to a million dollars.

In this episode, Kirsten shares her transformative journey from skepticism to embracing life coaching’s profound impact. With Brig’s guidance, Kirsten has elevated her self-awareness, capacity, and resilience, unraveling self-limiting patterns and finding quick bounce-backs. She highlights the value of life coaching for high-achievers, emphasizing its role in enhancing personal growth, tackling challenges, and amplifying success.

This episode is a must-listen for high-achieving black women looking to level up in both business and life. Listen in to discover Kristen’s insights on relationships, self-compassion, and achieving EPIC milestones while enjoying the process.

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Kirsten Roldan, Business Coach





The podcast that teaches High Achieving Black Women how to use thought work to be her absolute best self, no matter the situation.


She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.


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