You are in for a treat with this episode! I am joined by a special guest, Dr. Koritha Mitchell. Listen in as we discuss homemade citizenship, the concept of creating your own belonging; discursive violence, the cruelty of stereotypes determining people’s impressions regardless of what you do; and know-your-place aggression, the backlash against Black and Brown success. We will go into detail about these concepts and the formula that you can implement so that you can thrive and live in your purpose despite the existence of racism and sexism.

Koritha Mitchell is a literary historian, cultural critic, and associate professor of English at Ohio State University. She is the author of Living with Lynching, which won book awards from the American Theatre and Drama Society and from the Society for the Study of American Women Writers. She is editor of the Broadview Edition of Frances Harper’s 1892 novel Iola Leroy, and her scholarly articles include “Love in Action,” which appeared in Callaloo and draws parallels between lynching and violence against LGBTQ communities. Her second monograph, From Slave Cabins to the White House: Homemade Citizenship in African American Culture, was published in August 2020. Her commentary has appeared in outlets such as TimeCNNGood Morning AmericaThe Huffington Post, and NPR’s Morning Edition. Follow her @ProfKori.


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