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Today we are discussing one of the most common topics that my clients present to me during our coaching session. It comes in different variations but what it boils down to is that as high-achieving women we want to do more to reach a level of peace but that level is not attainable because as soon as we think we’ve reached the level, there is yet another mountain that we need to climb.

It’s like society is telling us to just keep working to get this promotion, get this house, make this money, get this degree, get this man. Just do all this and then you’ll be happy and you’ll find this peace. This is a lie.

There is a certain path to experiencing the ultimate peace that we seek as high-achieving women. Listen in to learn how.

And if you want more support with finding ultimate internal peace, I invite you to join me in a two-day masterclass happening on Friday, August 12th and 13th, both at 11 am CST.

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The podcast that teaches High Achieving Black Women how to use thought work to be her absolute best self, no matter the situation.


She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.


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