As high-achieving women, we are always leveling up and achieving new heights of success. One thing that is certain when you succeed is the various expectations that you place on yourself and that others place on you. 

The weight of it all can be unbearable and leads to stress and anxiety that can break you down physically and emotionally. 

This was true for our guest today, LaTida. After stepping into her new level, she started to feel the stress and pressure that came with it. While she loved her work, she felt that she was not thriving. Determined to reestablish her inner peace so that she can feel rooted again she decided to give group coaching a try. 

Her initial thoughts were “can I get enough out of this because this is probably the most I’ve ever paid before for an experience like this? Am I going to be able to keep up with the pace? Would I like the other women in the group and would I trust them enough to be transparent in the way that I needed to be to get something out of it? 

She answers all of these questions and more. Tune in for some insight on her coaching journey and what the experience could look like for you.

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She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.


EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

I believe in the power of being in rooms with people who think at a higher level than you do, because it causes you to rethink your current thoughts and your current reality, then you can have the possibility to change some of those thoughts and start growing.his allows you to get curious, creative and ask questions so that you can obtain the knowledge you currently lack.

EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

EP. 103 IDK Ville

Saying “I don’t know” and adopting a growth mindset are powerful means for becoming smarter and more skilled individuals. This allows you to get curious, creative and ask questions so that you can obtain the knowledge you currently lack.

EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

EP. 101 – The Value of Coaching Series with Dielle Charon

This conversation is a special one because I am joined today by my private client, Dielle Charon, and by the time this episode is released she will be celebrating reaching the $1M mark in her business. I am so excited for her. Congratulations Queen!

EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

EP. 100 The Best Of The Breakthrough With Brig Podcast

Welcome to episode 100! This is an episode of celebrations. Not only are we celebrating our 100th podcast episode, but we are also celebrating over 33K downloads, receiving 36 reviews with 5-star ratings on Apple Podcast, and helping so many amazing high-achieving women of color create their epic shit!

EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

Episode 99 – Sheroism vs Toxic Positivity

With every life experience,  your relationships, your achievements, and your failures are all open to interpretation. The most important decision you’ll make about every life experience is the meaning you assign to it. And that meaning will either hold you back or push you forward.

EP. 104 I feel the NEED for SPEED

Episode 98 – Visibility Capacity

Visibility capacity is our ability to allow our full selves to be seen in our life and work.

When it’s out of alignment, it shows up as feeling stuck, uncomfortable, and lacking discipline and willpower. But when our visibility capacity is in full bloom, we stop sabotaging opportunities that shine a light on our brilliance and intentionally seek out and attract visibility opportunities that celebrate our true selves.

Each week, Life and Mindset coach, Brig Johnson, combines coaching, a little bit of neurobiology, and practical easy to use tools to empower you to break barriers and become unforgettable.