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As high-achieving women, we are always leveling up and achieving new heights of success. One thing that is certain when you succeed is the various expectations that you place on yourself and that others place on you. 

The weight of it all can be unbearable and leads to stress and anxiety that can break you down physically and emotionally. 

This was true for our guest today, LaTida. After stepping into her new level, she started to feel the stress and pressure that came with it. While she loved her work, she felt that she was not thriving. Determined to reestablish her inner peace so that she can feel rooted again she decided to give group coaching a try. 

Her initial thoughts were “can I get enough out of this because this is probably the most I’ve ever paid before for an experience like this? Am I going to be able to keep up with the pace? Would I like the other women in the group and would I trust them enough to be transparent in the way that I needed to be to get something out of it? 

She answers all of these questions and more. Tune in for some insight on her coaching journey and what the experience could look like for you.

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She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.


EP. 122 Redefining GOODT ENUFF

EP. 122 Redefining GOODT ENUFF

In this week’s conversation, I’m expanding on the discussion started in last week’s episode, EP. 121 Bad Things Happen To Good Girls, around the good girl syndrome. Last week I shared that we think if we are living by the standard of the good girl, then the good girl doesn’t have problems, and so we believe having a problem is a problem, but it’s not.

EP. 122 Redefining GOODT ENUFF

EP. 121 Bad Things Happen To Good Girls

From childhood, many women are socialized to please others, at the cost of their own well-being or needs. The world is screaming: If you’re good, nothing bad will happen to you. And so we adopt the idea that good girls don’t upset people, good girls don’t put herself first, good girls don’t disappoint others.

EP. 122 Redefining GOODT ENUFF

EP. 117 Are you STRESS Aware?

Stress is everywhere; it impacts everyone and pervades all aspects of our lives. And over time it can negatively impact your health and well-being. How you manage stress is related to your thoughts about yourself, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your relationship with your work, and your relationship with your epic sh*t.

EP. 122 Redefining GOODT ENUFF

EP. 116 Come Fail With Me! My Challenge To You

I know it is the eve of Valentine’s Day, but guess what? I won’t be talking about love in this episode. Instead, I want to continue the conversation around failure because I want us as black women to drop the mask, do our epic sh*t, and embrace failure along the journey.

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