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Have you ever thought to yourself, “they don’t get me”? Listen, if you’re a high-achieving black woman, you’re probably talking about some things that some people don’t get.

Here is the thing, secretly we want them to get us. This is a primal instinct to want to feel like we are understood and we belong. So when we’re different, and people start making reference to it. There’s this discomfort. And that’s what I want to talk about.

As we recognize and honor that desire within ourselves to create our epic shit, not everyone will get us. And that is okay. What we tend to do in response to this is to think that we are wrong or go on a mission to prove to them that we are right. By doing this, we’re using precious resources of our brain, trying to solve for people to get us. You are wasting the energy that is needed to actually solve the problem of us creating our epic shit.

Here is what you should do instead. Listen in to learn more.

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EP. 19 Let Them Be Wrong About You


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