Happy New Year! It’s the season of resolutions, goals, and choosing a word for the year. As we start thinking about our goals and strategies for what we want to accomplish this year, I want to remind you that we are not human doings, nor are we human havings, we are human beings. 

This means that in order to accomplish a goal we must become a person who can make that happen. Often times we are so focused on the goal, on the doing, that we miss the point of identifying who we have to be to get that goal. When we are human doings, our actions require external validation, and when things don’t work out we beat ourselves up. But if we were human being, we establish our validation through our thoughts and our feelings about ourselves. Rather than operating from fear and scarcity, you operate from self-trust, love, and compassion. From this space, you can set EPIC goals.

So as we are planning for the next twelve months also think about who you want to be. If you need help with this process, I will be starting a group coaching program in March 2022. It’s a small community of 10 women to help you make the switch from human doings to human beings. Join the waitlist now at www.brigjohnson.com/group.


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