Our guest today is Mars Lord. Mars is a coach, a birth activist, a doula educator, and the leading voice about black maternal mortality and health in the UK and beyond. She has also spoken to Parliament and can be found on the record in the history books for her work with black maternal health. As you can imagine, being a leader in these spaces carries a high level of stress and overwhelm. Mars describes her work as heavy because it comes with lots of emotional strain as she’s educating people on anti-racism. 

Listen as she shares how having a coach helps her carry that load, balance her mind, and apply her anger in a situation in a far more productive way than she’s used to doing.

This is a powerful conversation and I’m sure you will hear something that you can relate to and apply to your life.

Tune in now to join the conversation.


Mars Lord, Life Coach, Doula, Activist, Educator


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