Thought work is a tool for revealing your brain to yourself. It helps you bring awareness to the sentences that are floating in your head, the feelings you have because of those thoughts, and the action you take as a result of those feelings. And like any tool, it can be used for us or against us. 

I see this as a trend that is happening in my coaching practice where clients want to use the Model to generate happiness, only to find out it’s not working as planned.  

In this episode, I share with you what this unproductive way of using thought works is and how to start using it more effectively. 

The podcast that teaches High Achieving Black Women how to use thought work to be her absolute best self, no matter the situation.

She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.

Each week, Life and Mindset coach, Brig Johnson, combines coaching, a little bit of neurobiology, and practical easy to use tools to empower you to break barriers and become unf*ckwithable.