In general, we tend to make an effort to be kind to others by reminding ourselves to pause and intentionally reflect on our words and actions, asking ourselves whether they’re of benefit to others.

So when someone cuts us off in traffic, we remind ourselves that we don’t know what other people are going through. Maybe they had a stressful day at work or they are caring for a sick family member.

This is a wonderful practice because it gives us the opportunity to practice compassion.

The issue is that the same isn’t true when it comes to us. We don’t take the time to notice and challenge a lot of negative thoughts that we direct at ourselves.

Queens, the most important relationship you will ever have on this earth is your relationship with yourself. And relationships are simply the thoughts and feelings we have about a person. You want to build a better relationship with yourself.

To do this you must listen to the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and question them.

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