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Hey ya’ll! You are in for a treat today!

I have been thinking about this term that I believe is so accurate, “Silence is violence”. It is so beautiful and empowering to watch so many of us uniting by forming organizations and groups so that we can be heard. We’re on the diversity and inclusion committees, we’re seeing it on Facebook, we’re showing it on Instagram, we’re having the hard conversations and we’re no longer asking to be heard, we’re demanding it. We are saying, “I will not be silent anymore.” This is what I call our outer game.

This has led me to think about another area where silence can be violent to us. It’s what I call our inner game. This is the part of the game that is the most important.

Queen, are you listening to you?
Are you silencing parts of yourself?
Are you defending you to you?

We all know this voice in our head that constantly criticizes, belittles, and judges us. You know that voice that is often referred to as the inner critic. Our inner critic can be cruel. Its impact determines our overall mental wellbeing. So when you have negative thoughts about yourself, are you defending yourself?

You see, when we don’t speak up for ourselves against that inner critic, your silence is a form of betrayal to yourself.

We must stop the violence to ourselves by learning how to be compassionate, nurturing, and loving to ourselves.

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