For the most part, we recognize that if our past was not so good, our brain tends to use it against us by constantly providing evidence of past mistakes to justify the current goal won’t be realized.

But if our past was “goodt” wouldn’t we still have this problem?

The answer is yes. No matter how perfect your past is. No matter how well things line up, your brain will still use your past against you.

Once we hit an obstacle we begin to say to ourselves “That big thing was hard, this should have been easy. Why am I struggling?”

And we make it mean we’re not smart enough, we’re not predestined to do this thing. Listen, none of those things are true.

Our brain is f***ing with us.

Our history of success can equally be used against us and when we recognize that this is happening we must slow down and reroute our thoughts. Tune in to learn how.

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