Our brain will offer us all kinds of thoughts, especially the thoughts it’s used to thinking. But just because these thoughts are familiar doesn’t mean that they are useful. Our brains are doing what it was designed to do. It’s being efficient but we don’t want our minds running loose with destructive or unmonitored thoughts. Therefore we must monitor the thoughts and then manage and redirect them.

Remember that intentional thinking creates intentional results so to create the results you want, you must be intentional with your thinking by choosing a thought that will give you the feeling you need to take action and these actions will create your desired result.

You may have tried doing this before and think that it is impossible to change your thoughts, that they just happen and you have no control over them but I am here to tell you that, it’s not true. You can control your thoughts. It starts with you being intentional with your thinking. It will take some practice but you can do it and in this episode, I show you exactly how to manage your mind so that you create on purpose.

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