Today we are exploring the concept of mind management from the point of view that our mind is a heat-seeking missile. We have thousands of thoughts running through our minds at any moment and so whatever we choose to focus on and think is what our brain will seek evidence to prove.

I will share how we can connect to our subconscious, reprogram our negative thought patterns, and create a new life for ourselves by changing the optional sentences in our minds.

When we intentionally instruct our brain on what to look for, our life changes. Press play to learn how to train our brain to fetch evidence of our self-worth, value, and adequacy.

The podcast that teaches High Achieving Black Women how to use thought work to be her absolute best self, no matter the situation.


She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.

Each week, Life and Mindset coach, Brig Johnson, combines coaching, a little bit of neurobiology, and practical easy to use tools to empower you to break barriers and become unf*ckwithable.