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Being too big for your britches is defined as being conceited or self-important. What this statement is saying to me is there is a “right” way and a” wrong” way to be confident.

There is nothing more fearful for a high-achieving black woman than the possibility of stepping outside of what is the norm.

This is a conditioned threat we have been taught and have internalized and it leans to us asking such questions as:

  • Am I being too big for my britches?
  • Am I crazy for wanting to do this?
  • Am I overstepping my bounds?

The answer is NO! The success that you want is available to you, but you must stop internalizing this belief in order to step into your own authority and move toward your epic goal.

Listen in as we explore what it would be like if the thought of being too big for your britches wasn’t a thang and discuss strategies you can implement to take your agency back from this being a condition threat.

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The podcast that teaches High Achieving Black Women how to use thought work to be her absolute best self, no matter the situation.


She will learn how not to let outside influences impact how she thinks and feels about herself or how she shows up in the world.


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Each week, Life and Mindset coach, Brig Johnson, combines coaching, a little bit of neurobiology, and practical easy to use tools to empower you to break barriers and become unforgettable.