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I know it is the eve of Valentine’s Day, but guess what? I won’t be talking about love in this episode. Instead, I want to continue the conversation around failure because I want us as black women to drop the mask, do our epic sh*t, and embrace failure along the journey.

Last week I shared that if we were willing to fail, we would accelerate our speed of implementation.

So I have a challenge for you. Let’s use this week, the week of love, to love ourselves enough to shed the perfection, lean into getting out of our comfort zone and fail.

And if you want more support with improving your capacity for failure to excel in your recovery and implementation, I invite you to join Deeply Rooted. I’ll be hosting a webinar on February 26th then doors open February 27th. Join the Group Coaching Waitlist for Deeply Rooted at


Join the fun- Download the Worksheet: 25 Fails Challenge, then decide how many times you’re going to fail this week and share your intentionally failure with me on social media using #25Fails or send your .mp3 audio of your experience with this challenge to


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